Real Hitachi Magic Wand Massager Review

My Hitachi Magic Wand reviewHitachi may market its Magic Wand as an innocent massager, but 32 years of feminine experience prove that it is much, much more. This little miracle of nature has a dual personality that is split between a no-nonsense massager and an after-dark, risqué burlesque.

The magic wand vibrator is about 12 inches long and weighs about a pound and a half. As Hitchi describes it, it has a “non phallic appearance.” The importance of this statement will become important later on, but what they mean is that it has a generic shape and an off-white color. The Hitachi magic wand is not flesh-colored, which makes it easy to pass it off as nothing more than an innocent massager should your roommate come across it while stealing your (and her) favorite top.

Massage Function


Hitachi Magic Wand IS THE BEST

The Hitachi magic wand massager plugs into the wall via its cord and has two speed settings. The low speed setting is great from those deep, nagging muscle pains in your neck and shoulders that arise after a long day. The soft, almost pulsating vibration is sure to loosen you up and work out all of the kinks and stress you accumulate over a day.

On the high setting, the magic wand will absolutely pulverize muscle tension in your back and legs. The high setting is just perfect for dealing with spasms deep in these locations. The strong, rhythmic vibrations the wand produces at maximum power melt away the pain and leave you pleasantly relaxed.

Many users of the wand have found that it helps to relieve sinus pain when used on the cheekbones and bridge of the nose. I don’t have sinus problems, but placing the massager on the low setting and massaging my cheeks and temples did help to relieve my tension headache. I imagine it would work very well for chronic sinus congestion.

The only thing better than using the Hitachi wand on yourself is having someone else use it to give you a massage. Then you get to enjoy all of the benefits of this miraculous device without lifting a finger. And, speaking of fingers, there is one other use for the magic wand that may just appeal to a few of the ladies out there.

The Secret Magic of the Wand

I’ve talked about the beauty of the magic wand as a massager, but that is only its day job. After dark, this wand turns into something much more…ahem….erotic than just a personal body massager. In case my hints haven’t been clear enough, I’ll let you in on the secret of the Hitachi magic wand……it doubles as a toe-curling, lip-biting, orgasm-generating vibrator.

That’s right, I said vibrator. This is not just any vibrator either. This is a vibrator with 32 years of experience behind it. This is a vibrator that some have called the “most powerful vibrator on the market.” This is a vibrator that, well, doesn’t look at all like a vibrator.

Why Looks Matter

Let’s face it ladies, looks matter. In the case of the Hitachi magic wand, its generic looks and nondescript appearance are of major benefit for several reasons. First, you won’t have to feel guilty about purchasing it or feel naughty about buying a vibrator; at least not until you use it ;). Second, though it comes in very discreet packaging, you won’t need to worry about the box bursting open on your front porch in front of all your neighbors. Finally, if someone should happen to find it, like a roommate or nosy mother-in-law for instance, you can just play it off as a massager and avoid the embarrassing conversation that would come if it was obviously shaped like a penis.

Another benefit of the Hitachi’s generic looks is what I like to call the “intimidation factor.” Some of you may know what I am talking about, but I’ll spell it out any. Most male partners do not appreciate having another penis in bed with them. In other words, your boyfriend or husband probably doesn’t get all gung-ho about using a penis-shaped vibrator on you during foreplay.

The beauty (wink, wink) of the magic wand is that it look like a massager, and so your man will be less intimidated to use it for some sensual foreplay that begins with an erotic massage and ends with…well….an erotic massage. For my guy, the extra penis in the bed seems to dampen the mood. With the magic wand, I can receive some vibrator foreplay, which puts me deep into the mood, and he gets to feel like a stellar lover without the awkwardness that comes with dildos, which puts him in the mood. It is an all around win for us!

Going Beyond Appearances

Looks aren’t everything though, right? Well, in the case of the magic wand vibrator, looks are nowhere near the best part. After all, if generic looks were all it had going for it, the Hitachi wand would not have remained a best seller for 32 years and counting.

When it comes to using the wand as a vibrator, beginners may find it almost too intense. The head of the wand is about 2.5 inches in diameter, which makes it a bit larger for internal use. However, as an external vibrator, it stimulates the clitoris and vulva at once, making for a very intense, toe curling, “oh my god you have to get one” experience.

Because of the larger size of the Hitachi wand, you don’t have to pinpoint your clitoris, but can instead focus on enjoying yourself and getting into the action without worrying about the wand slipping and ruining your rhythm. All you have to do is turn it on and…erm….get down to business.

I mentioned that the stimulation from the wand is intense, and it is. The intensity is a good thing, but for some it can be a little too much to start. I recommend using the wand on the low setting and putting a wash cloth or other barrier between the wand and your skin until you get used to it.

Of course, the powerful vibrations do have their advantages. If you are feeling particularly randy or need to use the wand quickly, without disrobing, the high setting can be just what the doctor ordered. For the more experienced among us, the high setting is the perfect tool for achieving robust, back-arching orgasms.

Music to the Ears

Unlike the harsh, mechanical, high-pitched whines of traditional vibrators, the Hitachi vibrating massager provides low, pleasant, erotic rhythms. The auditory pleasure delivered by the wand helps to create a carnal mood that transports your senses to a sensual, relaxing realm. This is not to mention the fact that such “massager-like” sounds help to protect your privacy from prying ears. You can always just blame that pesky neck tension when someone questions why you have candles burning, the lights low, and mild vibrations emanating from your room.


Vibrators often have very poorly placed controls. Usually buttons for speed and other settings are placed at the bottom of a vibrator, which means interrupting your mojo to make adjustments. The controls on the Hitachi wand vibrator are placed about midway up the handle, which makes them easily accessible. This placement is sure to save you from repetitive stress injury during the…ahem…longer massage sessions you might engage in.

It is worth noting that the wand has a cord and not batteries, which can be both good and bad.  The cord means that the wand is limited in its portability. It won’t be of much use on camping trips or in the car, but it also isn’t going to cost you a fortune in batteries and there is absolutely no chance of the battery dying at the….erm…wrong moment. There is no optimal solution for powering a vibrator, but the cord on the magic wand works pretty darn well most of the time.

Beyond the Wand

For many women, external stimulation may not be completely fulfilling or you may simply be looking for a little variety. In either case, the Hitachi magic wand attachments can fit the bill perfectly. After 32 years on the market and as one of the top selling vibrators around, the Hitachi wand can boast a plethora of attachments, gizmos, and add-ons.

Available attachments range from simple G-Spot stimulators to exceptionally complicated, almost unexplainable accessories with more protrusions that you can count. There are enough attachments that it would be near impossible to exhaust the possibilities with the Hitachi wand. The attachments are like apps, if you can think of it then there is a good chance there is an attachment for it.

Most attachments simply fit over the head of the wand and most are designed to ensure ergonomic use of the handle while stimulating your most sensitive areas. This maximizes pleasure and also makes the wand simpler to use for a partner.

The Bottom Line

If you are still reading at this point and haven’t bought the wand, do it now! You won’t regret it for a second no matter what personal need you purchase it to fulfill. For 32 years the best vibrator on the market has been pleasing women around the globe. Give it a try and you almost certainly won’t regret it.

The internet is littered with literally hundreds of reviews singing the praises of this wondrous little device, so you don’t just have to take my word for it. Of course, on the very slim chance that you do find you would rather not use it as a vibrator, you still have an excellent personal massager in your hands.

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