Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments & Accessories

Hitachi Magic Wand with attachments has been one of the most popular vibrators for years. It’s easy to use, comfortable, and powerful. It’s also compatible with many accessories on the market. Here are some highly recommended Hitachi Magic Wand attachments that you might want to take a look at.

silicone nuzzle wand attachment

Silicone Nuzzle Tip Wand Attachment

Silicone Nuzzle Tip is one of wand massager attachments that will let you have a great sex experience. It is made of velvet soft silicone, measuring 1.43 x 1.38 x 3.25 inches in size with 2.3” in diameter that will fit on  your personal massager’s head. It is also easy to use, simply attach it to your best vibrator when needed, and  remove it as easily when you’re done. It’s easy to clean and comes with affordable price. Click here for best price.


Gee Whizzard Wand Attachment

Gee Whizzard Wand Attachment

Gee Whizzard is one of the best-made vibrating massager attachments on the market. It was made of high quality 100% platinum grade silicone and is designed for non-toxic and non-irritating use. With longer shaft and subtle humps, it will increase your vulva and clitoral stimulation. You can also use it together with your partner. It comes in emerald green color, measures 4.8 x 1.4 x 1.4 inches that fits perfectly for Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. With its quality silicon, you can boil it to make it clean after usage. No wonder that Gee Whizzard is a little pricier than other attachments. Check out the price here.

California Exotics Miracle Massager Accessory

California Exotics Miracle Massager Accessory

This California Exotics Miracle Massager might be the softest attachment you can find. It was made of soft jelly material with ergonomic curves to let you have a love nub and give intense vibration to your G-Spot. It fits both on Hitachi magic wand and Miracle massager. But since the material is soft jelly, it’s not so easy to clean, like those who are made from silicon. One thing you need to consider is the low clit part, so it needs to be higher up a little.


Rabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment

Rabbit Vibrator Wand Attachment

This rabbit vibrator fits any kind of wand massager, especially Hitachi Magic Wand. It has 4 inch length and 2.3 inch diameter to slip onto the wand massagers. It stays on its place when used. If you want to harness the intense vibration to have perfect orgasm that will tease your clit, this vibrator is the right one for you. It  is sold for affordable price, is well-molded and easy to clean. Just take it off from the wand massager, and wash it.


Wand Essentials Nub Tip Wand Attachment Review

Wand Essentials Nub Tip Wand Attachment

Wand Essentials Nub Tip will help you ease your sore and tired muscles. With it’s most powerful vibrator, you will get a full relief and relaxation. This nub tip can be attached on any kind of Wand Essentials and Hitachi Magic Wands. Unlike other attachments that are used for sexual purpose, people use it mostly for relaxing sour muscles. It also comes for affordable price and easy-to-clean material.


g-spot-wand-attachmentG-Spot Wand Attachment

G-spot wand attachment is made for maximum pleasure to key areas. With 6 x 5 x 6 inches of size and only 6.1 ounces of weight, this accessory perfectly fits for Hitachi Wand. Just simply slip it right over the head of wand massager. It has best power to stimulate your g-spot on the inside and cover a lot of area on the outside of your clit. This is one of the most popular and best seller attachment because it’s well-made, comfortable and easy-to use. If you want to have strong and deep orgasm, this attachment is highly recommended.


Hummingbird Wand Essentials Masturbator Attachment

Hummingbird Wand Essentials Masturbator

If most wand attachments are intended for women, this Hummingbird Wand Essentials Masturbator is made for men. It weights 3.2 ounces and measures 5 x 3 x 5 inches that fits the Hitachi Massager. Just mount this attachment on the head of Hitachi Magic Wand (usually fits any wand massager). To use it, simply slip the tube over your penis. As you turn it on, its soft tube will let you have an amazing sensation. One thing you need to keep in mind, that you need lots of lubricant, because some customer mentioned that this attachment is a little too tight. Click here to check prices and buy Online.


Trinity Triple Pleaser Wand Attachment

Trinity Triple Pleaser Wand Attachment

Trinity Triple Pleaser Wand Attachment is one of the most popular attachments for Hitachi Wand Massager with dual penetrator. It is made of soft and comfortable material to let you make a perfect hit to your hot spots and increase orgasm strength. It comes with clit stimulator, G-spot stimulator, and anal stimulator, which is why people call it all-in-one attachment to triple the pleasure. Click here to check the stock availability.


Male Masturbation Wand Massager AttachmentWand Essentials Male Masturbation Attachment

This wand essentials male masturbator is one of just few Hitachi Magic Wand attachments designed for men. It measures 8.2 x 3 x 2 inches, which makes it fit Hitachi Wand perfectly. Most customers say that they get the best climax with this attachment. You can also use it without your partner as masturbation toy. Since it comes with life-like looks and ultra soft silicon – you can enjoy the sensation of the real vagina. Check the price and availability here.


Magnolia Wand AttachmentMagnolia Wand Attachment

Magnolia Wand Attachment is made of flexible and soft material which is perfect for clit stimulation. The price tag is totally affordable. One thing that makes it special is the material. It doesn’t have annoying plastic smell  unlike many other attachments. It has 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches length to mount on the wand vibrator. Unfortunately, most customers found that it doesn’t really fit for Hitachi Magic Wand. But, it still works for other wands, like Essentials 8 Speed Wand.


Vixen Creations -Off With Your Head- Magic Wand Attachment - BlackVixen Creations “Off With Your Head” Magic Wand Accessory

Vixen Creations “Off With Your Head” Attachment is made of high quality materials. It’s 100% platinum grade silicone, with Phthalates free and Hypo-allergenic, it makes your body get warm. It is also free of toxic and irritating elements. It’s really easy to clean, because you can boil it in water or just bleach it. With 9 x 7 x 3 inches measured, it fits both for Hitachi Wand Massager and Adam & Eve Magic Massager. It has 3 vertical ridges for all body stimulation (one side) and also handy dandy for clitoral stimulation (other side).


G-spot and Straight Personal Massager Attachments for Hitachi Magic VibratorsG-spot and Straight Personal Massager Attachments

Add more passion in your playtime! These two attachments of the Magic Wand, G-Spot and Straight Personal are two must-have sex toys especially for Hitachi Magic Wand. These attachments will enhance and relax you while having sex. They fut the wand perfectly, are easy to clean, easy to remove and durable. The price tag is affordable. Well, you get 2 attachment just for less then $16.  If you had the wand, you’d better have these to make your playtime more fun. Or you can get a great deal – new Hitachi Magic Wand including both attachments.


wand Essentials Flutter Wand Massager AttachmentWand Essentials Flutter Wand Attachment

Wand Essentials Flutter is attachment for Hitachi Massager that will make fluttering delight at playtime. The 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches of dimension will  fit perfectly on your vibrating massager. Simply place it on the head, turn the power on, and enjoy the sensation! This attachment is made of soft silicone which is smooth, comfortable, non-porous and easy to clean. It also fits Wand Essentials Wand Massagers. It comes for affordable price.


Lily Pod Magic Wand Massager AttachmentLily Pod Magic Wand Massager Attachment

This Lily Pod Magic Wand Attachment is one of the best seller items for wand massagers at This attachment fits many wand massagers, especially Hitachi Magic Wand. It measures 3 x 4 x 2 inches. It was made by TPE material, which is not too hard or too soft to use. It covers your sensitive area and it has stimulating pleasure nubs that will tickle, tease, and deliver the pleasure as you like it. This is what most customers love about it. You can check the current price and stock availability here.


hitachi magic wand massager attachments setHitachi Magic Wand Attachments Set

This Hitachi Magic Wand Attachment Set is high recommended for those who have Hitachi Magic Wand, because it was made exclusively for it. This set includes 4 pieces of attachments: 1 magic connection, 1 curved, 1 straight and 1 spot tip attachment. Since it was made for Hitachi Magic Wand, it really fits the wand. It comes for very affordable price. If you usually spend $20 – $30 for one attachment, you will get those 4 attachments at the same price range.


tri-gasm Double Penetration AttachmentTri-gasm Double Penetration Attachment

Tri-gasm Double Penetration Attachment is one of those attachments with many features. With 6 inches of length, it’s ideal for g-spot and ergonomically designed to reach maximum pleasure of sex. It is also used for anal and clit stimulation. Just like any other attachment, all you need is to slip it over the head of wand massager and use it. You will feel smooth transitions vibration to your g-spot. Actually it’s pretty expensive, but if you buy it at Amazon, you will get up to $28 discount.

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