What are the benefits of the J-Frame breast enlargement technique?

What are the benefits of the J-Frame breast enlargement technique?

When it comes to choosing breast augmentation there are certain aspects of the surgery that clients often question. Obviously, those about to go into surgery want to feel comfortable with their surgeon and the procedure they are about to undertake, but very often it is the personal side of breast enlargement that raises questions, such as ‘how will I look after the operation?’, ‘Will I have much scarring?’ and ‘will I need to stay overnight?’. The J-Frame technique of breast augmentation, when compared to other approaches, has a range of benefits that cover many of these questions.

The J-Frame Technique

The J-Frame technique is an advancement in breast augmentation developed over the last 30 years and has become a popular technique in breast surgery. To practice this special technique, surgeons need an expert hand and a great deal of patience, not to mention having to complete extensive training. The process is certainly more technical than other breast enlargement techniques but the benefits to the patient are many, thanks to the fact that the technique uses a much smaller incision during surgery and very rarely needs the additional use of draining the breast that is required in many other breast enlargement techniques.

 Breast Augmentation

Draining the breast is used during most of the current breast augmentation operations and is a lengthy process that will require the patient to remain at the clinic or hospital overnight. Avoiding the need for draining makes the whole surgery a great deal shorter and the breast augmentation can generally be done as a day care procedure letting the patient go home at the end of the day. In the days and months following a breast enlargement procedure using the J-Frame technique many patients find that, not only will there be less obvious scarring around the breast area post-surgery, but the healing process is a lot easier and recovery is quicker, allowing them to get back to their normal activities sooner than expected.

 The Risk Factor

Of course, surgery is very rarely risk free, but by using the J-Frame technique there is certainly a lot less that can go wrong. There is no difference to the final look of the breast compared to alternative techniques, but thanks to the smaller incision, less scarring and reduced risk of problems encountered during the healing process, patients not only look great after their procedure but feel great too.

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