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Fleshlight Vibro artificial vaginaAre you tired of those cheap adult sex toys which are made from plastic, silicone, or latex? Then you might like to try Fleshlight VIBRO Pink Lady Touch Vagina Masturbator – a realistic artificial vagina toy for men that is easy to use and clean.

This product was just released at Amazon.com on February 3, 2012 by Fleshlight, one of the best men sex toys brands from US. Unlike any other male masturbators, it is designed with real feel super skin. The material is made of medical and food grade phthalate-free polymers. The texture is really smooth and it feels like a real recreation of woman’s vagina. Read this review to find out more about this toy, including the features, user reviews and the best place to buy.

Fleshlight Product Description

From the outside, this product looks nothing but a flashlight. No one will notice that it is a sex toys inside. Just open the top cap and you will find the artificial vagina sleeve which is made just like the real one. This artificial vagina is designed as life like as it can be, so you can feel the real sensation of penetrative sex. The high quality material will make it different than any other similar stuff in the marketplace. It has the ability to transfer the vibration for concentric fingers.

It is designed to easy to use. You can use it with just one hand control. It also will increase your stamina when you’re making love. It is also easy to adjust. You can tighten or loosen up the back cap according to your needs. For maximum usage, it comes with small vibrator that you can put on the cap inside the sleeve. This product is useful for many positions. Most users use it with their hands, but you can also put it between pillows, couch or anywhere else you think it’s possible and comfortable to use.

How to use the Fleshlight?

To use this fleshlight, just open the top cap and remove the sleeve from it, then put it in warm water for few minutes to maximize the heat of the lifelike feel. Put it back in the case and apply the lubricant to this sleeve and yourself. That’s it! This toy is ready to use as long as you want until climax.

After usage, you need to clean it. It’s very easy to clean. Remove it from the case and run water through it. Make sure you don’t use any soap, or the sleeve material won’t be as good as it used to be. For better cleaning, you can also rinse it with isopropyl alcohol. You also need to wash up the case and both caps since it is full of lubricant while you use it. Once they’re clean and dry, put them together in the case. As long as you clean it right, this product will last for years.

Key Features and Specification

There are numbers of toys for men at the marketplace. But if you’re looking for high quality material that feels just like real and get you orgasm just a minute away, this product is the right choice. It is necessary to read some features below to make sure this toy is what you really need:

  • It’s smooth, soft, pliable, and the textured is like the real woman’s vagina, thanks to the Real Feel Super Skin made in USA.
  • The material is high quality and it is designed to make you feel like the real sex sensation.
  • The sleeve is not just lifelike. It’s also sturdy and able to last for years.
  • It’s 100% safe. No doubt about it.
  • It’s easy to use and easy to clean.
  • It comes with additional stuff to maximize your sex need: 3 fleshlight bullets, 1 pack extra batteries (consist of 10 batteries), and 1 sample of Lube Pillow Pack.
  • It is flashlight design which makes it easy to store everywhere. No one will recognize that it is a sex toy.

Customer reviews

This pink lady is one of the best seller toys on Amazon.com. It reached 4.5 out of 5 stars from the customer reviews. Many customers are happy with their purchase. Just like Della Pesche who bought it month ago. She said this vibro is a good one. This product is unique because the vibrating device really helped her to enhance the satisfaction and orgasm experience. She loved the male masturbators.

Other customer, Videsh just said one word on his review: Awesome! He said this is one of the best adult sex toys he ever had and it is really life like. He wanted to buy the lube for it by the gallon. Recommended product! Read More Customer Reviews >>


Just like any other great toys for men, this fleshlight also has some cons that you need to consider before you buy it.
The battery lasts only for 3 hours. If you want to have sex all night long, make sure you keep some more battery for to change.
It needs pretty long time to dry after rinsing.
Some customer found that the vibrator is weak.

Where to buy?

After reading all those features, you may have decided to buy this product. I found that Amazon.com offers you the best price and deals. You can save your money up to $50 for this product.

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