Go For The Real Deal Hitachi Magic Wand

Go For The Real Deal Hitachi Magic Wand

In the world of pleasure, there are constantly new creations being marketed towards people who want to meet the highest points of stimulation and bliss, whether in the bedroom alone or with a partner. Sometimes it’s best to stick with the old and faithful (take that however you want) and the Hitachi magic wand “massager” (ahem, vibrator) is one of the classic, old, faithful pleasure givers in the industry.

It’s awkward. It’s loud—sounds like a couple of the partners I’ve had in the past— but it works without fail. Ladies, if you are single and want to treat yourself to insane, powerful orgasms, the Hitachi Magic Wand is the tool for you. If you want to spice up your sex life, make it a little more kinky and a lot more mechanical, you’ve got it. I’m not talking about a little AAA battery vibrator action, I’m referring to pure, unadulterated wall-outlet bliss.

The Hitachi magic wand personal massager is bulky, but with its size it packs a wallop of vibration. I don’t even have to use it on high. I’m not sure if I would dare to. I started by using soft stockings on it to absorb some of the vibration. I had to, because generally when you get something for this purpose, it will say it’s the most powerful out there, and generally you’ll end up disappointed even with the speed cranked up to mega high. This one needed something to tone down the LOW setting!

IF you’re planning on bringing this into the mix with a partner, be warned: men are going to find it to be completely intimidating. Some are going to love how quickly it gets you off, others are going to be jealous that they can’t make you go like that.

To compliment the Magic Wand on one aspect of looks—it doesn’t look like a cheesy sex toy, so if you really are going to use it strictly for massage, you don’t have to be embarrassed about dragging it out. Some personal massagers look blatantly sexual and this one doesn’t, by far. That’s one of the most alluring things about it when you DO use it as a vibrator: its awkwardness really causes a great deal of surprise when it rocks your world.

If you are lacking pleasure in bed, or if you simply have a sore neck, this is a product that you should definitely look into buying. It’s really inexpensive for what you’re getting, and you may have found a knock off for a lot less, but you’re going to go through batteries quicker than you go through tissues with a cold; and the knock of isn’t going to pack even a quarter of the punch that this beast does. Do yourself a favor and get the real deal.

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