Unraveling the Mystery of the Hitachi Magic Wand

Unraveling the Mystery of the Hitachi Magic Wand

Just what is the mystery behind the Hitachi Wand? People ask whether it’s a sex toy or a deep muscle tissue massager. Simply looking at it does not give away any hint that it can be used for sexual pleasure, but it does appear to be a genuine hand held product with no real mystery behind it whatsoever. That doesn’t mean to say one can’t use it for nocturnal or personal gratification and let’s face it; it’s unfair to blame a cucumber for illicit use just because it happens to have a phallic shape.

The Hitachi Magic Wand would not strike any person stumbling across it as an item which is no more than a deep muscle massager. But upon investigations around forums and blogs by women who had used the Hitachi Magic Wand, I was firmly put in my place and surprised that many had made use of the Hitachi Wand for no other reason than to use it for sexual pleasure.

So, pretty much you’ve got the best of both worlds in the Hitachi Magic Wand; it is an effective product for relieving tension in the neck and other aching muscles and having been used on the New York-based television series Sex and the City, it quickly became seen as a sex toy. I can’t say for sure how high the eyebrows were raised by Japanese executives at the Tokyo-based offices of Hitachi, but sure enough at exhibition showcasing some of Hitachi’s most successful products, the company hid the wand and many of the Hitachi Magic Wand accessories underneath the counter!

The company may express some reservations about it but sales are just too hot for them to even think about pulling production on this reliever, but what about these Hitachi Magic Wand attachments? There are several attachments you buy online that fit the Hitachi wand, but not all are necessarily made by Hitachi.

Admittedly I was amazed to discover one of the endorsed Hitachi Magic Wand attachments happened to be a “G Spotter.” So my thoughts are that the company is relishing its less than wholesome reputation. But so what, if the product sells well and is then praised highly by its users, doesn’t it warrant a huge pat on the back? A quick look through the Amazon reviews, known for their honesty and brutal criticisms of products, and you’ll find glowing review after glowing review. I may just get one for the pain in my neck!

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